Students more demanding

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Holly Klotz
Holly Klotz

Lifelong learning and continuing education students are becoming more demanding, says Holly Klotz, presenting at LERN’s Operating and Staffing Institute this spring.

Klotz provided these three top news and tips from the Operations Institute:

  1. Organizations are realizing how important having effective software (particularly for online registration) is to their survival/success.
  2. Students are becoming more demanding – prompting a greater focus/emphasis on providing exceptional customer service.
  3. Documentation of processes/procedures will become more and more important as baby boomers retire – you don’t want all of the information to go with them.

Efficient and effective Operations is becoming increasing critical to lifelong learning program success, says LERN’s Greg Marsello. The Operations and Staffing Institute will also be offered online in the coming year, in addition to the in-person annual offering at the LERN Institutes.

The big LERN Institutes in Savannah this spring have become THE professional development for the field of lifelong learning. But they are also producing news and new advanced tips.  This year’s attendance was the second largest in 10 years.

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