The Multinational Threat

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The Multinational Corporation is now seen as a threat to your organization.threat

Specifically, the emergence of the Multinational Corporation in providing online courses has serious consequences for your organization.

Multinational Corporations are not the same as mom-and-pop for-profit providers. Multinational Corporations are much larger players, beholden to investors, need to generate big profits, and have no allegiance to a community. They also have the ability to become a monopoly.

In his annual message to the 30 Senior LERN Leaders from member organizations all over Canada and the United States,  LERN President William A. Draves reported the emergence of the Multinational Corporation is now a threat to your nonprofit organization.

Thus, he announced LERN is initiating a campaign for every LERN member organization to use UGotClass as its primary online course provider.

UGotClass, part of  LERN, is the only nonprofit online course provider. Here are the three big reasons to make UGotClass your primary online course provider.

1.You get superior quality with LERN.
LERN members who are top UGotClass Partners report that UGotClass has superior quality. The Multinational Corporation is not good at providing education.  Multinationals are very good in other industries, such as hotels, planes, software, etc.   But Multinational efforts in running K-12 schools were a failure.  For-profit colleges and universities are now under scrutiny for their high student debt and awful graduation rates. In lifelong learning, LERN members repeatedly report that LERN UGotClass online courses are superior to those of the for-profit providers.

When you make UGotClass your primary online course provider, you give your community or audience courses that are superior in quality.

2.You have control.
With UGotClass, you have control over your online course offerings. Your fellow LERN members are the LERN Board of Directors and run LERN. LERN gets 100% of its income from you and other LERN members and customers.  LERN is totally devoted to serving your organization and that of other nonprofit LERN members.

The Multinational Corporation is by its nature interested in controlling your online offerings, rather than supporting your organization.  In the field of lifelong learning, there are two emerging themes here.  One is the various attempts at bypassing your organization and trying to maximize profit by finding ways of eliminating your organization as “the middle man.”  Two, the Multinational Corporation is intent on dominating or gaining a monopoly over a given subject area or delivery system. As that happens, your nonprofit organization loses control over your online offerings. The result of most industry consolidation (take the airline industry as an example) is higher prices and lower service.

With UGotClass, your nonprofit organization has control.

3.All the money comes back to you.
By working with the Multinational Corporation, you take money out of your community and send it to the Multinational Corporation, thus creating greater economic inequality for your community or audience.

By working with a nonprofit such as LERN, all of the money comes back to you and your community, thus enabling your organization to serve your community better and help lessen the economic inequality in society.

For example, if most of LERN member organizations each generated just 4 online registrations a month, you would not only make $4,000 a year but in addition you would get a free LERN membership forever, plus have enough money left over to make the annual conference free to you and your staff.

UGotClass has grown 25% every year since its start four years ago. We now have over 100 courses and certificates you can offer.  Our Top Partners include recreation departments, community education in public schools, colleges, universities, and associations.

Your organization’s ability to maintain LERN benefits and services may very well rest with your partnership with UGotClass.  But with the Multinational Corporation the only other alternative, there’s a much bigger reason for supporting LERN online courses.

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